First patch available aka "48h of development build"!

Hello everyone!

The first patch of the game is live, after the equivalent of an additional day of work, which would give this version the label "How the game would look like if we used the whole time of the jam".

We mostly worked on adding the full game loop, with an instruction screen and a new ending goal : "Collect all the teeth", as for now the game would end if the timer would have reached its end.

And without further ado, here's the full list of changes :

  • Collecting all the teeth will show the result screen
  • Character movement improved
  • Vignette effect added when concentrating the scream
  • Instructions screen added
  • Aspect ratio fix
  • Improved ATM feedback
  • Various audio improvements and sound fixes
  • Result screen
    • "Play again" button added
    • Maximum teeth available in the level shown

Until then, take care, and have fun!

- Tooth Ahead team


Tooth Ahead - Windows 47 MB
Feb 07, 2021

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